Three popular types of full body massage

Massage is not a new thing in our globe. It came as a hereditary from the ancient periods. But today massage had gone through a radical change. Besides getting popular, massage is showing up as a benefit to deal with the modern busy surrounding. More and more people prefer to get a massage after a hectic schedule.

It is always recommended to know about your massage before you take one. Like, if you had a back pain then a leg massage might not help you out. Knowing the right kind of massage for you helps in getting the best out of the full body massage. From classics to exotic there are different types of full body massages. Each surely benefits but with a different benefit.

Let’s take a look below to know about the three popular types of full body massages;

Swedish massage

The most popular massage that is common in spas, clinics, wellness studios, and gyms. This kind of classic full body massage is ground on the western notion of physiology and anatomy. The massage begins with the application of oil and lotion in the body of the client and followed by broader strokes. In the next step, the masseur points to the problematic areas of the body.
The five strokes that Swedish massage works on are:

  • Long and smooth strokes;
  • Lifting, rolling and kneading;
  • Circular small movements;
  • Percussion;
  • Shaking and rocking movements.

Swedish massage is really helpful if you want to full muscle relaxation.

Aromatherapy massage is a form of Swedish massage which is done with the essential oils combined with the massage oil. This kind of Swedish massage is helpful in curing insomnia, back pain, headaches and digestive disorder. But before you take the massage to be sure that you are not allergic to that specific kind of plant. Otherwise, you need to visit your doctor soon.

Hot stone massage

If you think that hot stones are used in this type of full body massage then you is absolutely right. Heated basalt stones are used in this process. These stones are placed on specific points of the client’s body and also the therapist holds warm stone while rendering the massage service.

Certainly, the warm stones are really comfortable for the clients. It acts in relaxing their body, losing tight muscles. Hot stone massage is accurate for those who suffer from diabetes, varicose veins, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is based on the Japanese bodywork. In this massage, the therapist renders pressure through the use of finger, elbows, and hands. The pressure is applied at a rhythmic sequence, holding each point for two seconds or for more six seconds.

Shiatsu massage has its origin in the traditional medicine of Chinese. It focuses on stimulating the acupressure points of the body so that energy flow is improved and balance is regained. Shiatsu massage doesn’t include any type of application of oil or lotion. If you are suffering from stress then Shiatsu can be helpful.

There are many types of full body massage available in the market. But these are the popular three that you must try once in your life.