4 Erotic massage etiquettes for men

Planning to take your first experience of erotic massage? Well, that sounds really nice. But before you head towards your session of erotic massage you need to know the basic etiquettes that you need to follow in an erotic massage session. One can easily skip these etiquettes and have an erotic massage. But that doesn’t offer them a complete pleasure as your masseuse might not be happy with your behavior and denies offering you the extra gifts. So following these etiquettes presents you like perfect gentlemen in front of your masseuse. And also takes you nearer to the goody gifts.

Not making further delay let’s take a look at the below points:

  • Never be late: Does normally it look good that a beguiling lady waits to serve you? Be a gentleman who never keeps the ladies waiting for him. You need to understand that your masseuse is busy and she might have appointments elsewhere. Your late might affect her schedule for the day. In certain cases when you make late, you are actually shortening the duration of your session. In such a case you might not get the actual fun of the erotic massage therapy;
  • Switch off your phone: You invest in an erotic massage session for enriching your body with exclusive relaxation. Certainly, you will like the ringing of your phone to disturb you after every minute second. You need to understand that this session is for erasing the stressful thoughts from your body and enriching it with exotic pleasure. So it is better to keep your phone off;
  • Prepare yourself with a shower: No one wishes to touch a guy who is sweaty or dipped in kilos of dirt. You masseuse is a hot and sexy lady who might not wish to touch all the dirt off your body. Secondly taking an erotic massage with dirt on your body helps in breathing in the dirt inside your body which is certainly very harmful.
    Take a shower, clip your nails and be a perfect gentleman to take the erotic massage service;
  • Ask for her name: Strictly avoid calling your erotic massage provider a “masseuse”. They hate it. Some masseuse thinks it been pronounced with a double meaning.
    It’s better to know the name of the masseuse beforehand and address her by that name. Also, this improves conversation between you and your masseuses and increases your chance of getting the extra bonuses.

Follow these 4 etiquettes and be the receiver if the amazing experience.